Monday, August 22, 2011

What Did You Wear on Your First Day of Kindergarten?

Katie was deciding on an outfit to wear her first day of school. And guess which two outfits she had decided to choose from? A pink and frilly Eiffel Tower top with a black flower and a pink tutu-ish skirt with an empire waist black belt or the Lightning McQueen "Cars" racing shirt Grandpa picked out for her and jeans. I love how she doesn't dress just frilly or just tomboyish. And you could tell as she was looking at both outfits that she was measuring them not on the appropriateness of the outfit, but on which one she felt like wearing more. No stereotypical girl/boy agenda.

She finally picked the pink Parisian set and said, "I'll wear my 'Cars' shirt tomorrow on my second day of school."

After she got home from kindergarten today, and after lunch, we were playing in her bedroom before Daddy had to take her to afternoon preschool which is in session til the end of the month. We were playing with the Smurfs from a few recent Happy Meals she's had.

The Smurfs have taken over her dollhouse which used to be inhabited by the Dwarfs of "Snow White" fame. But suddenly the Dwarfs have defaulted on their loan and split, letting the Smurfs buy the luxurious house at a bargain and live in it like a commune, bringing down even further the real estate values of the neighborhood. Or something like that. I haven't asked Katie what happened to the Dwarfs not living in her doll house yet, so most likely her story is much less depressing than mine.

As we played, she spotted her "Cars" shirt hanging where it had been earlier this morning, on the back of her door. Then, instantly it became very important to change her shirt, which had a nearly invisible spec of lunch on it.

So Daddy took her to preschool wearing her Lightning McQueen "Cars" shirt, her pink tutu-ish skirt from the Parisian outfit, her Disney Princess pink rain boots, and her Briar Rose blue eyeglasses. She looked freaking adorable.

Oh, and by the way, I did not cry nor puke when we had to say our goodbyes inside her class this morning. Will got a little misty eyed, but no tears were shed amongst the three of us. I was amazed. We're usually such crybabies. But I think now the reason we didn't cry has nothing to do with stoicism and more to do with the firm foundation of love and trust we have established with our daughter. Or, it could be the clonazepam.

But seriously, I am so proud of our Katie Bug, and I'm proud of Will and me, being ok with her buzzing off into the world in search of answers to life's curiosities. And an interesting wardrobe.