Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Team Parenting

Katie will be starting kindergarten two weeks from tomorrow. When Will got home from work this afternoon (he loves his new day hours schedule) he hung out for awhile. I asked him if he'd mind taking Katie school supply shopping. I had written a list of what we need. Without my even needing to explain that I had some intense writing I needed to get done tonight, he said, "Sure, we can do that!" I love that Will is such a good team parent.

So I got to work on my manuscript epilogue alone in my quiet house. I think living alone for ten years inspired me to be even more introspective than I normally would have been. So I find now, even with a wonderful husband and child, I feel like I need alone time to reflect. And to work, now that I'm trying to really write like an actual book. *hyperventilates*