Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Year Old Philosopher

It's always in the car it seems. These philosophical questions. I think she secretly plays a game called "Stump Mother."

"Mother, why do babies need more sleep than toddlers and toddlers need more sleep than little kids and little kids need more sleep than grownups?"

"It's all part of the life cycle. And when grownups get really old, like Great Grandma, they kinda need someone to care for them like they did when they were a baby, you know what I mean?"

She paused and asked, "What does 'mean' mean?"

I didn't get it at first. "It means you're not acting nice."

Katie whined in frustration, "Nooooo! MEAN, like when you said, 'You know what I mean."

Dang, kid. Now you want the meaning of the word mean?