Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Man with the Cane and the Three Legged Dog

I was taking a walk during my break at work. People used to go into the breakroom to rest their tired feet back in the days when most American didn't sit on their asses at work. Now we take quick walks to wake ourselves and warm ourselves up since remaining immobile for four hours can give you a chill.

As I was break-walking, I saw a regular library patron heading my way. He walks with a cane. And this time, he was also walking with a dog. And not just a dog. A three legged dog.

So this man with a cane and this dog without a leg approach me, man smiling wide, dog panting and hitting the man in his bum leg as he rapidly wagged his tail. I wondered if the man could feel the thumps or not.

My point is, they were both so happy to be out for a walk. We stopped and chatted a bit. I got to pet the dog and talk to it like a crazy person talks to babies and other adorable helpless beings.

After my walk, I went back to my desk and wrote myself this note:

"When you think you're too tired to go for a walk, think about the man with a cane and the three legged dog."