Sunday, August 21, 2011

Warren Buffett Has a Kind Mind and a Smart Heart

I just want to earn a living wage and have a decent, simple life. I have no desire to make more money than I need. And I think all of my fellow citizens should live decently too, ergo I love the idea of sharing wealth. If I ever make more money than I need, I will share it with my family, my friends, my neighbors, my fellow humans. That is why I am a socialist. Warren Buffett is a billionaire who does not believe in sharing his extra spending money with everyone. He just happens to be a capitalist billionaire with a kind mind and a smart heart. Wanting to raise the taxes of the top two percent of the wealthiest Americans makes Warren Buffett smart, not a socialist.

Buffett's just recommending we tax the rich a tiny fraction of their wealth. But why should we? Let's make poor people (a family of FOUR living on around $20,000 a year) pay their fair share! Did you know 99.6% of poor people own a refrigerator? How dare they have such luxuries on our dime? Those wealthiest top two percent of our citizens should be able to buy their boats, their jets, their Lamborghinis with their OWN money if those mooching poor people have the audacity use our money to keep their food sanitary!

Warren Buffet's just being reasonable. He's just stating that the people in our country who don't need so much money can pay down the deficit so our country can be strong and no longer live on the verge of economic collapse. Wouldn't that be wonderful, my billionaire friends? You wouldn't have to worry so much about having to move all your shit to Qatar when the United States falls like Rome.

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