Monday, August 15, 2011

Ready to Go

Reason #3547 that Katie is her own person and not just like me: She doesn't have to leave for school for nearly an hour, but she's already dressed. Not just dressed, but ready to go out the door: matching Dora hoodie and sweatpants, pink and white socks with hearts on them, Disney Princess rainboots, shiny pink butterfuly raincoat (buttoned herself), and Hello Kitty umbrella.

Fortunately her father is taking her to school so I'm still in my housedress. Even if I weren't sick and it were my job to take her to school, I'd still be in my housedress. Here's how I get ready to go: I generally wait til I've got about five minutes to throw something on and then open my closet to realize I have no clean clothes and end up wearing my wedding dress to drop my daughter off at preschool. Thank God Will can do all that today. I bet he shows up at her school wearing his dress slacks and old choir dress shirt.

Let's all guess what Will wears to drop off Katie at preschool this afternoon? Leave your guesses in the comments section below.