Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Katie, Age Two, "Reading" to Our Dogs

"Goodnight little mouse. Squeak squeak." --Katie

Our little dog Beau who had Addison's disease is in the kennel behind Katie at the end of the video. Katie's reading obviously put the little guy to sleep. He died, what, about two years ago now? Miss that little tiny man. He weighed nine pounds, which is actually big for a Maltese. My mother-in-law and father-in-law gave him and his brother to me to foster until we could find them good homes. They kept accidentally impregnating their female dog, who happened to be their mother (eww, animals are gross says the city slicker,) and she was getting too old to have puppies.

So I took in Beau and Gabie. Gabie found a forever home in about two seconds. He's so freaking adorable and sweet. Now he helps other foster dogs who have been recently rescued from puppy mills and such get adjusted to life.

Beau was not a "standard" looking Maltese. He was too big. His hair was too wavy. He had a doofy personality. (While taking a walk, on his leash, he would bark at other dogs as we walked in front of THEIR house. He had little man syndrome.) He had an undescended testicle so when I took him to the vet to have him neutered at age 7 or so, they had to do a more thorough surgery instead of the snip and clip they usually do on male dogs. So Beau had a longer healing period. Then he got sick. Then he almost died. Then I rushed him back to the Humane Society. They said his temperature was not even registering on their dog thermometer and there was nothing they could do to save him. Then I held him against my chest and neck, thinking my body heat could keep him warm, and I drove my stick shift car 10 miles to the 24-hour Pet Hospital.

Two thousand dollars later, BoBo was no longer our foster dog. He was our pet.

I miss the little guy. He was a pain in my butt and I'm not sure the money I decided (while he was dying in my arms) to spend to save his life was a wise investment, but he could make Katie giggle and he made my lap warm.