Sunday, August 7, 2011

How Did You Lose Your First Baby Tooth?

Katie lost her first baby tooth today. She just turned five less than a month ago.

Her tooth had been loose for two weeks. Will and I kept trying get our hands on it like when you see someone with a sunburn you just instantly want to start peeling their skin. But Katie'd always pull her head back and say, "Stop it! You're freaking me out!"

Finally this morning, after two weeks of the baby tooth barely hanging on to her gums, she wiggled it a bit with her finger and it popped right out. She said it didn't hurt a bit, so it didn't freak her out doing it HER way. :)

I lost my first tooth when I was four while I was eating corn on the cob. I remember it vividly. Everyone was done and had left the table. I was gnawing on my corn cob. I had already eaten all the corn off it. But gnawing on the cob felt good on my itchy gums. Then - pop - out came my baby tooth.

How did you lose your first baby tooth?