Sunday, August 28, 2011

Virgin Housewife Tip: Tea Bag Wrappers Make Good Bug Smushers

Since I went part time at the library, Will and I have been trying to live more frugally. I've been making iced tea at home for Will instead of his buying one of those fancy schmancy bottled teas they sell at his work. It's way cheaper, and he claims he likes it.

But it leaves me with an abundance of those little tea bag wrappers. I had been recycling them until I came up with an even better way to use them. Bug smushers. Just keep a pile of them on your countertop and whenever you catch a freaking g*da*mn sneaky little m*therf*cking tiny ant, despite having just spent three hours, yes THREE HOURS, cleaning the kitchen and very precisely spraying ant spray around the baseboards of the window crack where they were hitching a ride to the other side, smush it with the tea bag wrapper and dispose of it in the trash. Voila!

So yes. Try it at home. Kill those pesky critters, then sit down and relax with a refreshing glass of homemade iced tea.