Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cute Katie Quotes: Cantaloupe Anteloupe, Blue Popsicles, And Politeness with Letters and Numbers

On our recent trip to the zoo, Katie pointed towards the antelope and asked me what they're called. I told her, she said nothing, and that was that.

We sat on a shady bench and watched them for awhile, cooling ourselves with a rest. As we got up to go to the next sighting, Katie waved to the antelope and called out, "Bye! Sorry we called you cantaloupe!"

It reminded me of when, around age two, she went through this phase of finding objects around the house and sticking them in the refrigerator. One day she opened the fridge to get her cup of milk. Inside there was one of those letter/number magnets kids like to drop onto the floor for you to step on, put in their mouth, and evidently hide in the fridge. As her hand passed the magnet to reach her cup, she said, "Excuse me L." She paused, picked up the magnet, flipped it over and said, "Oh, excuse me 7."

Ok one more. This one's my favorite. She was just a month shy of four years old: "I like the blue popsicles. They taste like the sky."