Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chain and Saw, Mr. Teeth and Ohie

Katie asked me tonight if she could play with her chalk outside. I said no, it was too dark. I came back a few minutes later and she had invented a game.

Me: "What's it called?"
Katie: "Chalk and a Saw"
Me: "Oh yeah, how do you play it?"
Katie: "You take Builder Smurf's saw and you saw through the chalk and make two sisters."
Me: "Two sisters?"
Katie: "Yep. Two sisters."
Me: "You mean like twins?"
Katie: "Yep."

So then she proceeded to "talk" for the sets of twin sister chalk and kept arranging them by height and then by color.

Don't you remember the days when you were a kid and you could have fun with virtually nothing? What was your favorite made up game you played when you were a kid?

I used to cut pieces of paper, making strips that went about half-way across. I called those strips teeth. The whole paper itself, after I cut the strips, was called "Mr. Teeth." I even had a song about teeth that I would sing while riding my Ohie rocking horse. But Mr. Teeth. Mmm. I remember riding in the back seat of my mom's 1976 Vega with black vinyl seats in the middle of summer with the windows rolled down and I didn't even notice how hot it was because I was laughing at Mr. Teeth's teeth blowing in the breeze as I held him out the window into the bright sun.