Sunday, August 21, 2011

Katie Bug is Buzzing Away

Katie starts school tomorrow. I'm that blend of excited/nervous that I used to feel when I myself would start school, but this is ten times more intense. My baby. My baby. Wasn't she just swaddled in my arms? Her pink and blue knit cap covering her skullet, pink cheeks, such alert eyes. Looking right at me. Eyes so full of curiosity. As they still are today. Oh God I love that girl.

I told Will I wish I could go with her and just sit in the corner and watch. I LOVE watching her interact with other children since I have been unable to provide her with a sibling to play with. So I wish I could stay awhile and watch her enjoy interacting with people her own age.

But no, I have to cut the cord. But dang, I have to wait until October before our first parent-teacher conference! I don't want to wait that long. Oh poor teacher. I am going to be one of THOSE parents.

Katie got it into her head that 8:00 is when kindergarteners go to bed at night. I don't know who told her that. Maybe Will. Maybe she saw it on TV.

So tonight when she asked me what time it was and I said 8:45, she said, "I mad about you, Mama! Why you make me take a bath and miss going to bed on time!!!"

Poor punctual child with a dawdling mother. I told her I would try harder to get her to bed at 8:00 tomorrow. WTF? This is also the kid who asked me for broccoli one time at 6:30AM. What a funny kid.

But it makes sense. Funny kid = funny mother. I'm the helicopter parent who nonetheless is lenient about rules and requirements and discipline. I just like to watch her take in life. I don't necessarily want to interfere with her learning.

But I totally would, I know, if I somehow managed to actually do it. So I won't. Dangit.