Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holly Solomon: Get Out the Vote Or Get Under My Car

If you see Holly Solomon behind the wheel again, watch out.  According to witnesses in a crowded parking lot in Gilbert, Arizona, Solomon, who is six months pregnant, ran over her husband with their SUV when she discovered he had not voted last Tuesday.

What, is she some kind of super-suffragette or something?  I'm all for getting out the vote, but resorting to physical violence is never the answer.

"According to the police report, Solomon's husband told investigators his wife hates President Barack Obama, blaming the president for her family problems.  When the husband told his wife he didn't participate in the election, that's when police said things got ugly."

Talk about family problems.  I do not know Mrs. Solomon, but it seems to me she might consider reflecting upon her own behavior before she starts blaming others for her family's problems.  You know, like how when your spouse disagrees with you there might be better alternatives to pinning him under your car.

"She told investigators her parents would have to move to New Mexico because her husband did not vote.  She said her parents were going to help raise their unborn child."

I do not think Ms. Solomon understands the concept of the electoral college.  All eleven of Arizona's electoral college votes went to Mitt Romney, whether her husband voted or not.

I'd offer to babysit if she wants to move up here to Kansas, but I'm afraid of what she would do to me for not just avoiding the election but voting for "the wrong guy".  I sure hope this woman gets to take some anger management classes, paid for by the government of course.  Someone needs to warn her that the unborn child she's carrying will some day turn into a teenager, and they are notorious for their political apathy.  And God forbid her kid grows up to be a liberal.