Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cute Katie Quotes: July 2010 - September 2010

Age 4

"I don't want dinner.  I want breakfast," Katie said.  "Oh yeah?  Like what?" I asked.  Without hesitation, she replied, "Fruit and nuts and gravy!"

Back from Target with Will, Katie announced, "Daddy let me touch the toys because I have a friendly daddy."

Katie, handing me a card she made: "Here, Mom, I made this for you!"
Me: "Oh thank you!  I love it.  I like the blue and purple together.  Does it go this way or that way?"
Katie: "This way!"
Me: "Oh.  What is it?"
Katie: "A thank you card for you!"
Me: "Me?  Oh thank you.  Why are you giving me a thank you card?"
Katie, thinking a minute first: "For being a good mom!"
We hug.  I'm beaming.  Then Katie plops down on the futon and says, "Is it my turn to watch TV?"

"Mama, you have to try new things," Katie told me when I asked her to quit putting edamame dip on the grapes.

"I not gonna call you Katie anymore," Katie said to the doll she calls her sister.  She changed her voice, speaking for the doll, "Why not Katie?"  She changed her voice back to her own, "Because we can't have two Katie's in the house, so we'll have one big Katie and one little Bacca."

When I was talking about my brother, Katie asked, "Where's my brother?"  I said, "You don't have a brother."  So she asked, "Where's my sister?"  I said, "You don't have a brother or a sister.  You're an only child."  Immediately she replied, "I'm a one-man band!"

Katie: "Is your birthday today?"
Me: "No, my birthday is in November."
Katie: "Is this November?"
Me: "No, this is August."
Katie: "When is November?"
Me: "In three months.  Then I'll be 40!"
Katie: "And then you'll be as tall as Daddy!"

Katie: "How come cows make milk?"
Me: "To feed their babies like I used to breastfeed you."
Katie: "I wish your yoni had a door."
Me: "You wish my yoni had a door?"
Katie: "Uh huh."
Me: "Why?"
Katie: "So when I was stuck in your tummy I could go out through the door."
Me, referring to my emergency C-section, "Well, that was the idea, but it didn't work out for us."

"Katie At Different Ages" March 2010
(clockwise beginning with the top left figure: "Me when I am four now."  "Me when I was three."  "Me when I inside you where the food goes down to me and I get it and grow" aka the placenta.  "Me inside your tummy.")  

Katie, around bedtime: "I hungry.  I want breakfast."
Me: "You want breakfast now?"
Katie: "We eat breakfast at night time because we nocturnal.  We pretending to be sloths."

I asked Katie how she spells her name and she said, "K-A-T-I-E!"  Earlier in the day I overheard her telling her imaginary friends that she likes to go by Katie and not Kate.  So I asked if she wants Daddy and me to call her Katie instead of Kate.  "Yes!"  She beamed.

Katie, doing the voice of her imaginary friend: "What's your name?"
Katie, in her own voice: "Kate."
Imaginary Friend: "I thought it was Katie."
Katie: "Oh, I forgot, yes.  My name is Katie."

It's been an exhausting week after I found out my brother Pat has terminal liver failure.  So tonight, I was vegging in the living room chair after dinner.  Katie wanted to watch a Kai-Lan DVD that was still inside the player.  She asked, "Why is that called a TV?"  I said, "It stands for television."  She said, "Is this the screen?"  I said, "Yes, and here's the cable box, the DVD player, and the VCR."  I turned on all four machines and sat back down in the chair.  Katie pushed the play button on the DVD player, but nothing happened.  I said, "I think it's stuck.  Push stop and then push play again."  She asked, "Where the stop?"  I would normally get up and show her, but I was so tired I decided to see if she could "read" the button.  I said, "It's spelled S-T-O-P."  She searched the buttons, had me repeat the spelling two more times, then she said, "S-T-O-P!" and pushed the stop button.  Does that count as reading her first word?

My favorite TV show, Real Time with Bill Maher, had been on hiatus for a couple months.  I turned it on this evening.  When Katie heard the music she said, "Ooooh, I love this!"

Me: "Are you going to give your poop a little drink?"  (Katie once said she was going to give her poop a little drink when she peed after she pooped.)
Katie: "No.  If my poop gets a drink then the poop will have to go pee!"

Katie, giving me a bite of her naan, "I'm nice to you."
Me: "Yes you are.  How come?"
Katie: "Because I want you to be happy."