Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cute Katie Quotes: December 2008 - February 2009

Image source: Wikipedia 

I recently found an old notebook I once used to jot down cute Katie quotes.  Here are some of the highlights:

Age 2

12-12-08: Walking to our car after visiting a friends' house for a playdate, Katie said to me, "That was a good one," just like she does when a video is over.

12-16-08: Katie likes to put random objects on the shelves in our refrigerator.  Some of her favorite items to store in there are those magnet ABCs and 123s.  Today Katie opened the refrigerator and said, "excuse me L," as she crossed her hand over the magnet to reach her cup. She picked it up to move it out of the way, then she looked at it, turned it upside down, and said, "Excuse me 7".

1-3-09: I was making dinner.  Katie came into the kitchen and said, "I wanna see what's goin' on."  I said, "Where's your stool?"  She replied, "In Mommy's bedroom."  So we went to the bedroom and I opened the door.  She saw the stool and said, "There you are stool!"

1-7-09: Will told Katie the TV was broken when the cable was down, so she went into her bedroom and brought back the toy saw from her toolbox to fix it.

1-15-09: Asked where Daddy and Mommy work, Katie says, "Daddy Whole Foods.  Mommy Whole Library."

Age 2 1/2

1-21-09: I saw Katie's bowl of Cheez-Its was empty, so I asked her, "Were those good chippies?"  Which is what we call potato chips.  She said, "No, they crackers."  She's already correcting her mother's vocabulary.

2-5-09: Katie approached me at my laptop and asked me, "What doing?"  I said, "Writing a book."  She thought for a second, looked me straight in the eye and said, "The end."


To be continued...