Friday, November 16, 2012

Cute Katie Quotes: July 2009 - May 2010

Age 3

7-28-09: Katie's watching "Blue's Clues" on TV while I'm doing the dishes.  Steve gets a letter out of Mailbox.  Katie says to the TV, "That letter yellow.  That letter Mommy's favorite color."

9-28-09: Katie, carrying her doll, "This baby is too heavy.  I don't wanna carry her anymore."  Will took the doll from her.  Katie continued complaining, "I don't wanna be a mommy anymore.  I want to be Kate."

9-28-09: Trying to find the other one, I said, "Where is your other slipper?"  Katie glanced around her messy room half-heartedly and said, "That's OK.  I'll just wear a pretend other slipper."

10-9-09: I just finished reading two books to Katie.  I said, "Those were good books.  Did you like those books?"  Katie closed her eyes and rested her head on the edge of the futon and said, "Huh uh."  I said, "You didn't?  Why not?"  She said, "Because they make me sleepy."

warning: disgusting parental overshare

11-3-09: Tonight Katie pooped in the potty, then she had to go pee too.  She usually just goes poop or pee but not both in the same sitting.  After she peed on top of her poop, she said, "The poop got a little drink!"

Age 3 1/2

3-29-10: Katie was coloring and holding her crayon "improperly".  I showed her the "proper" way to hold it and said, "Can you hold the crayon like this?"  She picked it up her way and said, "No, can you hold it like this?"

4-3-10: I told Katie that was a woodpecker making that funny noise in our fireplace.  She said, "We need a scarecrow to keep the woodpecker away."

4-8-10: I told Katie I was sorry for accidentally knocking into her and causing her to fall down.  She said, "That's OK.  You didn't broke me.  I'm a person.  I not wood."

4-16-10: I made some really gross chicken and wild rice soup today.  Katie took a bite and asked, "Is it people food?"

4-21-10:  I told Katie a friend of ours sees a counselor because he has issues with his mommy and daddy.  She asked, "What's wrong with his shoes?"

4-22-10: Katie tucked her Care Bear into bed.  She changed her voice a little and spoke for the Care Bear, "I saw a ghost!"  Then she replied with her normal voice, "No, there's no ghosts in here."

4-30-10: Katie scribbled some marks on our grocery list.  I asked her what it says.  She said, "we need to buy more chocolate."

5-3-10: Katie dropped her gummy strawberry and shouted, "Oh no!"  Then she picked it up and said, "That's OK.  I'm not gonna cry about it."  Katie and I had been playing in her bedroom.  She left to wash the gummy off in the sink, saying, "you'll be in charge while I'm gone" and closed the bedroom door.

5-5-20: Katie was in bed.  I told her a story.  Then she told me a story.  Then I told her one and she told me one.  I said, "Goodnight."  Katie pointed to the middle of her forehead and said, "is our stories from our brains?"  I said, "Yes!  Our stories come from our brains!"  She asked, "Where the TV inside our head?"  I said, "We don't have TVs in our brains--it's our imagination."  She said, "How come?"  I said, "Because we're amazing."  Katie smiled, said nothing, and rolled over to go to sleep.  I think it's the first time she was ever satisfied with an answer to a "Why" or "How come" question.

5-21-10: "Aww, poor little fella."  --Katie, upon seeing a smashed ant.

5-21-10: "Maybe one of my toys would make her feel better?"  --Katie, upon hearing her daddy's aunt is sick and we're sending her a plant

5-25-10: "I wish I could collect clouds, Mama."  --Katie, lying on her back in our front yard

5-26-10: "I wish I could play with them in that book."  --Katie, pointing to the book Two Stories About Kate and Kitty by Lee Priestley

5-27-10: Will, to Katie: "You're a pretender!"  Katie: "No!  I'm a realer!"