Monday, November 12, 2012

Growing Up Online

Will and I don't have cable and we're too cheap and lazy to buy a digital converter box so we're stuck watching videos online. Don't feel too sorry for us.  Some of it's pretty amateurish, but not always in a bad way.  I feel like we're living back in the day when people would sit on their front porches and talk and jam and sing and laugh and share their odd interests with each other.  With far fewer flies.  Unless we happen to be sitting on our front porches geeking out on our smartphones.

One of our favorite shows is Good Mythical Morning on YouTube's Rhett & Link 2 channel. If you'd like to get caught up, here's the playlist for season one and season two.

It's basically a talk show feature two thirty-something guys who grew up together in North Carolina, moved out to California to find fame and fortune, and landed this gig on their own YouTube channel where they basically sit in front of the camera and chit chat.

Link has been on vacation this week, so today's episode of Good Mythical Morning features Rhett's kids as guest hosts.

Which got me thinking, is bringing your kid to work with you a parental overshare when you work online?  I've written tons of stories about Katie, but I made a conscious decision to never post pictures or videos that show her face on my blog, or to talk about her whereabouts until after she's done something.  Am I overly cautious?  It just creeps me out to think any old creep out there could know what she looks like and where she is.  If Katie wants to share pictures of herself online when she's an adult, that's her choice.  But for now, I feel like it's my job to protect her identity.  Am I just paranoid?

Maybe so, cuz Rhett's kids sure are awful cute.  Why should such cuteness be denied to our good friends and decent neighbors?  When we choose not to share cute pictures of our kids publicly, does that mean the perverts have won?