Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cute Katie Quotes: January 2011 - February 2012

Age 4 1/2

I just got home from work.  I gave Will a hug, and Katie reached up to have a group hug.  As we three were squeezing each other, Katie said, "The family is all back together!"

Me: "We're going to Bed Bath and Beyond."
Katie: "You mean like 'to infinity and beyond?'"

Katie: "Today is Monday, the best day of the week!"
Me: "Why is it the best day of the week?"
Katie: "Because I get to go to school today!"

"I'm take care of-ing my children."  --Katie, with her dollies lined up in a row on the futon

Me: "Why do these toy turtles have snails riding on their backs?"
Katie: "Because the snails are even slower than the turtles so they're getting a ride."

Katie got to be the flower girl in my niece's wedding.  She enjoyed playing with the ring bearer, a little boy her age.  She asked me, "How come some ring bearers don't wear bear costumes?"

Katie: "Mama, let's play Hide and Go Seek."
Me: "No, I don't want to play that.  What else do you want to play?"
Katie: "Let's play Find the Duck!"
Me: "Oh yeah?  How do you play Find the Duck?"
Katie: "Well, one person counts to twenty and the other person is a duck and hides from them and they can't say quack while they're hiding or they'll be found."
Me: "Isn't that Hide and Go Seek?"
Katie: "No!  Because we're ducks.  It's Find a Duck."

Katie and I planted three tomato plants.  I said, "Maybe the snails will eat them like they did in that episode of Oswald?"  Without hesitation, Katie replied, "I've got an idea!  We can build a scarecrow, only we'll call it a scaresnail!"


Age 5

Katie's been on a Mary Poppins kick lately.  First thing this morning she said, "Mother, I have a question.  How come in England people speak English and we speak English too?  And I have another question.  How come in England this is called a nursery but here it's a bedroom?"

"There's no place like home...except for Power Play, because there are more games." --Katie, after watching The Wizard of Oz.