Friday, November 16, 2012

Cute Katie Quotes: June 2010 - July 2010

Age 3 1/2

6-3-10: "You did it, Pal!"  --Katie, to a kid she just met after he crossed the monkey bars

6-3-10: While playing at the park, Katie convinced another girl about her age to "dig for worms" with her in a pile of dirt.  A boy about their age came over and said, "What you doing?"  Katie said, "We're digging for worms!"  The boy said, "Ewww, worms are gross!"

6-3-10: All this PBS Kids and Nick Jr watching is paying off.  I handed Katie a mini marshmallow.  She said, "I want three!"  I said, "OK.  You have one now.  How many more do you need to have three?"  Without hesitation, she shouted, "two!"'

6-5-10: Me: "Yes, some day you'll be a grown up too."  Katie: "Will I be a mother or a father?"  Me: "You'll be a mother if you have a baby.  Women who have babies are called mothers." Katie: "How come?" Me: "That's just the name we give women who have babies."  Katie: "I get to be a woman too?"  Me: "Yes, some day you'll be a woman." Katie, grabs my neck and squeezes, shrieking: "Oh thank you thank you thank you!"

6-12-10: Katie, to me still in bed: "Are you get upping now?"

6-26-10: Katie, her head in the freezer: "I like blue popsicles.  They taste like the sky."

6-29-10: Katie, to me, even though my birthday isn't until November, "I gonna make you the best birthday cake ever!  An' you know who gonna be on it?"  Me: "Who?!" Katie: "Bill Maher!"

6-30-10: Katie: "Guess what?" Me: "What?" Katie: "Chicken butt!" Me: "Guess why?" Katie: "Chicken thigh!" Will: "Guess where?" Katie: "Chicken underwear!" Me: "That's silly.  Chickens don't wear underwear." Katie: "Yes they do when you tell jokes!"

7-2-10: Katie had spent the evening laying under the chair where I sat chatting with Will and his dad.  She'd get up, get a toy or a stuffed animal, bring it back to the fort and hang out some more.  When I tucked her in bed, I said, "That was fun hanging out in a fort wasn't it?" Katie said, "Uh huh." I said, "When I was a little girl your age I used to like to build forts too." Katie smiled and said, "Mama, when you were a little girl you could be my friend."