Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cute Katie Quotes: October 2010 - January 2011

Age 4

Katie got up, used the potty, pulled up her PJ pants and came into my room, saying, "I used the potty all by myself!  Are you proud of me?"
Me: "Yes, I'm very proud of my big girl."
Katie: "And you're not mad at me for having accidents."
Me: "No, Sweetie.  I'm sorry I ever got mad at you for having accidents.That's part of growing up and I should have never gotten mad at you for having accidents."
Katie, hugging me: "Thanks, Mama!"
Me: "So you and I are both learning.  You're learning to use the potty by yourself and I'm learning to be a better mom."
Katie, hugging me tighter: "I'm so proud of you, Mama!"

Me, just as dinner was over, "Oh, dang it!  I left my veggie sausage in the microwave."
Katie, who had watched Sid the Science Kid earlier: "Is it decaying?"

Thanks PBS Kids!

Katie: "How come the sun move across the sky if it don't have legs?"

"Hey, Mom, that how it say I don't need to go in Spanish." --Katie, after her tummy grumbled and I said it sounded like her body was telling us it had to go potty.

"I don't need to eat breakfast because it's Halloween," Katie informed me when I told her she needed to eat a healthy breakfast before she could have candy.  "I know," she continued.  "I could put some candy under some bread and make a candy sandwich!  If I eat healthy food with the candy I won't get sick!"

"But alarms don't have noses."  --Katie, when she asked what the smoke alarm is and I told her it beeps when there is too much smoke in the house.

Katie, with a sheet draped over her back: "I'm getting married!"
Me: "Oh yeah?  Who are you marrying?"
Katie: "Jonathan!"
Me: "I don't think you're supposed to marry your cousin."
Katie: "Why not?"
Me: "Because you're supposed to marry someone outside of your family."
Katie, looking out the window: "But it's raining outside."

Me, dropping marshmallows into Katie's hot chocolate: "One, two, three..."
Katie, interrupting: "I want the last one in my hand!"
Me, giving her a stern look like hey-where's-the-please: "What do you say?"
Katie: "Four!"

Katie, feeling frustrated writing her name, "I can't do it!"
Me: "I used to have trouble writing my name when I was first learning too."
Katie: "Ugh!  Your name is easy: M-O-M!"

Will and Katie were leaving to go to Great-Grandma Marie's house and I was leaving to go back to work.
Me: "Tell Great-Grandma Marie I said hi."
Katie: "OK.  Tell your workers I said hi."

"How she get down?"  --Katie asked me at the end of the cartoon Frosty the Snowman when Santa and Frosty drop Carol off on the roof of her house.

Katie, putting on her Buzz Lightyear costume: "Let's pretend you're my mom."
Me: "How can we pretend that when I really am your mom?"
Katie: "But you're the space mom!"

"I wish I could go there."  --Katie, pointing to her Candy Land box.

Katie made up this song.  She calls it "The Katie Song":
"We're all people but we're not the same.  We can be anything, brown, or blue, or red!  Big or small, brown hair, or light.  We're different.  The end!"

While eating at Papa Lew's Soul Delicious Food, Katie pointed to the speaker in the ceiling playing some amazing gospel music and said, "Let's pretend that voice is my voice" and she started lip syncing.

Katie asked if we could play outside today.  I said, "It's pretty cold out today.  We'll go to an indoor playground today."  Katie got the TV remote and changed the channel to Metro Weather to see for herself.

"When are you none?"  --Katie asked when we were talking about how Great-Grandma Marie is ninety.