Thursday, November 1, 2012


Katie's First Doodle, 11-1-12

One of my favorite parenting tasks is going over the school work Katie brings home each day.  Today I discovered this subtraction worksheet, covered in scribbled lines.  Katie's first doodle.  I'm excited to have the opportunity to document such an event.  

I'm a big fan of doodles.  I love finding random doodles patrons leave lying around the public library where I work.  I catch myself doodling too, when I'm on a long phone call or in some type of informational meeting where I'm listening but not talking.  My doodle of choice?  The daisy doodle.

Doodling is a proud pastime.  Besides taking after dear ole Mom, now my child has joined the ranks of notable doodlers Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, John Keats, Samuel Beckett, and Sylvia Plath.  As long as I can keep Katie's head out of the gas oven, the future looks bright for this kid.