Sunday, July 22, 2012

This Mom Says, "Thanks Ibuprofen!"

We had a lot of fun at Katie's two other birthday parties this weekend.  [Insert "spoiled only child" thoughts here].  

Thanks to everyone who bounced with us at Pump It Up inflatables party place Friday.  Thank God when I fell backwards from the top of the giant slide I did not land on any small children.  And thanks to my friends there who laughed with me as I struggled to get out of the awkward position I landed in, which took my mind off the pain.  I believe the yoga position is called Mommy Buns Gone Wrong.  

Also, thanks to our friends who joined us in our front yard for the Slip N Slide party Saturday.  After jarring my forty-one year old skeleton all weekend long for my six year old's amusement (and it was fun for me too, I admit) this photo nicely sums up why the biggest thank you of the weekend goes out to the inventors of ibuprofen.