Sunday, July 1, 2012

Magic Mike: High BQ

Magic Mike looks good, but I'm not sure if I'm going to go see it.  The last movie I saw purely for its high babe quotient (BQ) was The Day After Tomorrow.  Not because I particularly like science fiction disaster films but because Jake Gyllenhaal is hot.

That movie burned me, though.  It turned me into a tin foil hat-wearing climate change Doomsdayer.  Any time the weather gets wacko I get worried.  And I live in Kansas, so I get worried a lot.

Like now.  It's currently 97F with just 25% humidity in my neighborhood.  No, last time I checked Wikipedia Kansas is not a desert.  It gets hot here, sure, but usually around this time of year I start complaining about my Bride of Frankenstein 'do due to the high humidity.  These hot, dry conditions make me worry, is it climate change?   Am I living inside a Roland Emmerich film?  

Lots of my fellow citizens are complaining it's hot as hell.  What could be more hellish than being stuck inside a big-budget disaster film?  Although if you're gonna get stuck in a movie, why not get stuck in one with a high BQ?  A low-budget, high BQ film would be even better.

I think I will go see Magic Mike after all.  Oh, it's a Soderbergh film?  I've liked him since Sex, Lies, and Videotape.  I'm definitely going.