Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rainbow Cake, Please

I asked Katie what kind of birthday cake she would like my sister to make her.  Here is what she said:
Katie: "Can she trace it?"
Me: "I think so.  Why?  Are you going to draw it for her?"
Katie: "Yes!  It doesn't have to be perfect but it has to have a rainbow and two clouds on both sides of the rainbow and the clouds are white."
Me: "That's really specific.  What if Aunt Jenny doesn't have time to do all that?  What if she just has time to make you a cake and frost it?"
Katie: "That's fine.  But if she only has, like, three colors for the rainbow she can just make her own.  Did you know what?  Red and white make pink!"
Me: "Oh, yes.  But if she can just make a cake and frost it then what kind do you want.  What flavor?"
Katie: "Strawberry cake with white icing!"

So just in case she has time, here is the picture Katie drew so Aunt Jenny can trace it onto her cake:

Katie: "Just like this, only the clouds are white."
Me: "Why didn't you make the clouds white, then?"
Katie: "Because white crayon doesn't show on white paper, Mom!"