Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Toe Korma

Why do I have spicy ghee between my toes, you might ask? 

While the jar of korma simmer sauce I was using to make dinner does indeed say "shake well," they assume I will have remembered that I had already removed the lid.


"What happened, Mama?"  Katie asked without turning her face from the TV screen.  She had read the book "Sleeping Beauty" at her cousins' house today, so as soon as she walked through the door she asked if I wanted to watch the movie with her.

"Not now, Sweetie.  I gotta make dinner."

As I bent over the vinyl floor wiping up oily tomato-based clumps of spicy sauce, it occurred to me I should have taken Katie up on her offer. 

When I was a kid we called stuff you'd find between your toes "toe jam".  Is toe korma the new toe jam?

I continued thinking silly thoughts as I cleaned up the mess.  I didn't get too mad.  Before I had Katie I would have been crying or throwing myself on the sofa dramatically like the world was going to end.  Now kitchen disasters are no big deal since I have a cute five-year-old calling out from the living room, "It's ok, Mama!  Everybody makes mistakes sometimes.  I'm not mad at you."

I'll take a happy kid to a clean floor any day.