Monday, June 25, 2012

Becky's Thatcher, Part II

I have an update to my crazy cat lady story.  Today when I came home from work for my dinner hour, Thatcher was sprawled out on our front porch.  It's another scorcher, so I picked him up and brought him inside the air conditioning to cool off, at least until I had to head back to work.

Will and Katie were at her cousin's house, so it was just me and the pets.  I kept my eye on Thatcher while I put together my dinner.  He sniffed the dogs, walked a circle from the hallway to the kitchen and back to the hallway.  And then, not five minutes after he came inside, I found him staring at the back door.  I opened it just to kind of tease him, to remind him how hot it is.  No one in his right mind would prefer to be outside when it's close to 100 degrees.  Especially someone wearing a permanent fur coat.

I now have proof my cat is not in his right mind.  As soon as I opened the door, he walked right back outside.  To his back yard.   

I'm not usually very good at making decisions.  I honestly despise making decisions.  I tend to weigh so many options I begin to get confused and mix up what options there are and then, exhausted from over-thinking, I make a snap decision I soon regret.

But I'm feeling better and better about this whole outdoor cat decision I made three weeks ago.  It's kind of weird and kind of clunky, but it's working.

All that worrying for nothing.  As is usually the case with worrying.