Sunday, June 24, 2012

Family Chariot

Ever since my car broke down--again--I've been thinking of selling it.  Again.  This happens each time my car breaks down.  I inevitably decide that the car repair bills are cheaper than a monthly car payment and so I stick with my old clunker.

But it's such an inconvenience to be without a car some days.  For the most part I can get by walking to work and having Will drop off and pick up Katie whenever Grandpa babysits.  But there are times like today when we're under a heat advisory and my kid is jonesin' to go swimming.

So I'm thinking of getting one of these.  The website calls it a "family chariot."  I'd only plan to race it to the grocery store so the name seems a little excessive, but it looks like a nice way to get around to local places.

Like the community center pool.  I've always thought it was silly that people drive to the community center to go inside and exercise.  Why not just walk?  Or ride your bike?  In my case, I live three miles from our community center and I just don't think Katie can pedal that far yet.  She complains her legs are tired when we ride back from her school playground two blocks away.  I have a bike, but its chain is rusty and it seats only one, so there's no way I could carry Katie along for the ride.  But if we got a "family chariot" I bet I could bike us the three miles to the community center.  And if my legs were that sore from hauling around my fifty pound kid, I could soak them in the hot tub.

Unlike my car, we could only use it on good-weather days, though.  Hmm.  Considering it's 100 degrees outside today maybe I should ponder this inside my air conditioned home before I sell my car or make any hasty purchases.