Friday, June 29, 2012

Ready for Fishy Lessons

Katie learned how to swim under water today.  She was having such a blast.  Will got her some goggles and it has completely transformed her attitude toward putting her face into the water.

Today I swear she spent more time under water than above it.  She wanted to play the game where I hold up my fingers under water and she swims under, resurfaces, and announces how many fingers I was holding up.  This went on what felt like forever.

Spit.  "Six!  Again!"  (holds breath)
Spit.  "Three!  Again!"  (holds breath)
Spit.  "Four!  Again!"  (holds breath)
Spit.  "Seven! Again!" (holds breath)
Spit.  "Ten!  Again!" (holds breath)

We left the community center dizzy.  Katie from the oxygen depletion and me from watching her bob up and down in the water for three freaking hours.

At one point I said to Katie, "I think you're ready for swim lessons now!"

She laughed one big "HA!" and exclaimed, "I think I'm ready for fishy lessons now!"

I think she's right.  She's definitely swum right past me.  That guppy wore this mama fishy out.