Monday, June 25, 2012

Housewife FAIL, Housewife WIN

After my recent breakdown, Will suggested I call our agent at American Family Insurance to see if our auto policy covers the cost of a tow.  I argued with him that of course it wouldn't.

"Car insurance is for when you get in a wreck, not when your car just breaks down," I insisted.

Just to prove my husband wrong, I called our agent.  Turns out, our agent proved me wrong.  They do make car insurance that covers the cost of a tow if your have a breakdown.  Who knew?  Well, uh, Will but, um...

Unfortunately I never asked for this service on our policy since I didn't know it exists, so the policy we have does not cover a tow.  Too bad.  It's only $4 every six months per vehicle.  Less than a buck a month.

The hash marks under the "Housewife FAIL" column I keep stored inside my brain are multiplying faster than the hash marks under my "Housewife WIN" column.

Oh well, as I tell our daughter all the time, "live and learn."  See, this is just another example for me to show Katie how we learn from our mistakes.  I think that means I should get a hash mark in both columns, since being a good role model falls under the "Housewife WIN" category.