Friday, November 29, 2013

Bonobos Don't Give a Shit about Your Parking Spot, Man

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After watching this news report about two men who were arrested when they got into a knife fight over a parking space at Walmart on Thursday night--on Thanksgiving, when we celebrate family, friends and loved ones and give thanks for the blessings we have--I am reminded of the primatology class I took at the community college years ago.  We studied primates of all kinds, monkeys, apes, humans.  My favorite primates are the bonobos.  They are not aggressive over territory like other primates, including humans, are.  Bonobos are the hippies of the primate world.  They make love, not war.  Over every disagreement.  They have an fascinating culture.

Humans could learn about cooperation and harmony from our primate cousins.  I'm staying home today to focus my attention on bonobos, a distraction from the Black Friday madness.  Of course not everyone who likes to go shopping for good deals on Black Friday is a violent crazy person like the two in the above video.  But dude, there's a website that keeps track of the injuries and deaths...yes I said deaths, that take place on this day each year.

Yeah.  I know.

If  you need a break from your fellow humans right now, why not watch a video about one of our more peaceful cousins, the bonobos.  Bonobos don't give a shit about your parking spot, man.