Saturday, November 23, 2013

Birthday Day After

I had a blast last night at my birthday party, dubbed Becky's Big Lebowski Birthday Bash because my friends and loved ones donned our dudest robes and sandals and drank White Russians and watched "The Big Lebowski" on VHS tape.

Will and me, a couple of dudes in robes drinking White Russians.

I was surprised at how much everyone liked my chili.  The beefy.

And the veggie.

We played Scattergories.  I don't remember who won.  I don't think anyone paid attention.  We were laughing too much to care.

A doodle I did while we played Scattergories.

During a break from the game I noticed my mom has her own fan club that communicates its love for her on our bathroom wall.  I'm so glad she made it to my party so she could meet some of my new friends and visit with friends I've had for years.  

Everybody loves my mom.  She's so funny.  She's getting ready to move, so we had this conversation yesterday:

Mom: "Could you look up their phone number?"
Me: "Sure? What's it called again?"
Mom: "Two and a Half Men."
Me, starting to type, "Um. Isn't that the name of a TV show? Not a moving company?"
Mom: "What did I say?"
Me: "Two and a Half Men."
Mom: "Oh, Two Men and a Truck."

Evidently Mom's not the only one who wowed our guests.  A party goer left this statement on our bathroom wall:

Katie's going to get a big head every time she needs to use the head.

She is pretty cool.  She did build this vehicle for her fake cockroach, Chris.

It's no wonder Katie's so creative.  She's surrounded by creative adults.  Mom asked me if we had any Kleenex.  We don't, so I handed her a roll of toilet paper.  Someone stuck it on the mic stand where it fits just right.

My awesome husband Will gave me two great presents for my 43rd birthday.  A sweet hammock:

And a sink full of clean dishes.  Before:

And after:

Which gives me time to sit and sip a cup of hot cocoa:

And sit on the couch and chill if these two would skooch over:

But that's ok.  After a fantastic birthday party last night, and a wonderfully relaxing birthday day after, I'm treating myself to this video: 

And yes, I'm still in my robe. Ahhh.