Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Autumn Trees on Sertraline

On my afternoon walk around the park the other day, I looked up and saw the most beautiful red-leafed tree I have ever seen. The way the sun was hitting it. Glorious. 
I took a deep breath and thought of the oxygen this amazing tree had provided me. As I exhaled, I thought to myself, "Thank God for sertraline."

Everywhere I turn outside this year the autumn trees mesmerize me with their overwhelming beauty.  Are they more vibrant this year or is it the sertraline?  I think it's the sertraline.  Last year I was off it.  This year I'm back on.

It's wonderful.  I finally feel like getting out of bed in the morning.  I can sleep at night without waking up in a sweaty panic.  I want to do fun activities with my child.  I appreciate my husband more.  I pet my dogs and even my sociopathic cat more than I have in years.  I write more.  I take more baths.  I eat more chocolate.  I worry less.

So I think it's the drug.  Dude, autumn trees on sertraline is sublime.

Here are a few snapshots I've taken recently when the urge struck me and as luck would have it I had my camera on me:

"Autumn Leaves and Sun in Our Back Yard" by Becky Carleton

"Autumn Leaves in Our Back Yard" by Becky Carleton

"Our Neighbor's Tree" by Becky Carleton