Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Neighbors

Kismet?  While walking Katie to school this morning I noticed our new neighbors have a bumper sticker that says, "Well behaved women seldom make history."  They just moved in a couple of days ago, after I shared this status update five days ago with my social network neighbors on Facebook and Twitter: 

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.” ― Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

They also have one of those TOLERANCE bumper stickers that has the symbols of the various faiths spelling out the word.  I had a similar COEXIST bumper sticker on my car until recently when I finally pulled off what was left of it since it had been weather-worn so badly you could barely tell what it said anymore.  I need to get a new one.  One that doesn't look like I'm making an ironic statement with my tattered COEXIST sign.  This is what happens when human beings try to coexist.  

I think the universe is telling me I'm going to like our new neighbors. 

Do people still bake cakes for new neighbors?  Or is that etiquette from a bygone era?  We do live in a neighborhood that was built in 1956, back when people still did such things.  Nowadays most of our neighbors avoid each other, so it might seem weird to ring a stranger's doorbell and hand over a cake.  But fuck it!  I can be a rule breaker!  I'm not a well-behaved woman.  Instead of making history, I can go retro and bake our new neighbors a cake.  Kindness never goes out of date.