Thursday, August 8, 2013

Knowing When to Stop

Me: "Do you think that's why I've been so hyper-sensitive and irritable lately?  Do you think I should start taking my fish oil pills again?"

Will: "You could at least try it and see if you feel better."

Me: "But I don't want to take them if they're harmful."

Will: "One guy says they're harmful and you stop taking them?  He's just one guy."

Me: "He's not just one guy.  He's one guy who is the head of a big cancer research center or something.  He was interviewed on NPR's Science Friday!"

Will: "He's just one guy."

Me: "I don't know what to do.  I've been feeling so cranky lately, and it does coincide with when I stopped taking my fish oil pills after hearing that interview.  But would I notice a difference so soon?  So dramatically?"

Will shrugs, says nothing.  He looks at me with his sympathetic, "I'm listening and I love you even though you're kinda nutty" face.

Me: "I know.  I'll ask a doctor.  But, I dunno.  What do they know?  I mean, the psychiatrist who recommended fish oil to me eight years ago was a little looney tunes himself."

Katie, not looking up from the tablet, playing Plants Vs. Zombies: "What, did he like to watch 'Tom and Jerry' or something?"

We laugh.

Me: "Looney tunes means kinda crazy.  He made me nervous.  And he was my psychiatrist, supposed to be treating my anxiety."

Will: "And have you felt better since he recommended you take fish oil?"

Me: "Well.  Yeah."

Will looked at me like, so what difference does it make if the crazy doctor suggests something that makes you feel less crazy?  But he said nothing.  He's good at knowing when to stop.