Thursday, August 29, 2013

CirKis Rant

"Mom, look at the box for my CirKis game.  It says, 'It's so easy, anyone can play...'  But then over here it says for ages 8 and up."  Katie placed her index finger over the 8+ on the box, in case I missed it.  She stood there staring at me like well, what's your answer?

"Oh, that's weird.  I never noticed that," I said.  It has become my stock response to most of our seven-year-old's statements these days.  Katie's hyper-aware of her world and eager to point out its inconsistencies.

"Yeah, so it says it's for anyone over here but it says it's for 8 and up over here," she evidently wanted to make sure I was clear about it.

"Yeah, that's weird, isn't it?" I said nonchalantly.  At 42, I expect the world to not make sense.  Especially the world of marketing.

"Yeah, they should either say it's for anyone or say it's for people ages 8 and up!" she ranted, waiving her arms.

"Yeah, well, one way or the other, you can still play it.  You don't need a box to tell you that," I said.

"I know," she said, walking away, moving on to something else.