Tuesday, August 13, 2013

BookBike Becky

I love this idea that I heard about on NPR: Seattle Public Library is trying out a new program where they deliver books by bike.  A librarian hauls 500 pounds of materials on the back of a bike trailer and heads out to places in the community that attract crowds of people, like farmer's markets.  They hope to reach patrons who might not otherwise come into a library building.

I'd love to try something like this at my public library.  I could be like Chummy on "Call the Midwife", riding my bike around the community.  Only instead of delivering babies I'd deliver ideas.  All unique creations.

Terrified pedestrians would see me coming and cry, "Look out, here comes Becky the Librarian on her BookBike!"  After giving patrons an adrenaline rush by watching me nearly crash the BookBike, I could recommend a good thriller they might like to check out.  Or, if I see their response to my shenanigans is to laugh at me, I might recommend a zany memoir to appease them.

From the post:

"'Sometimes you're answering reference questions in the building and sometimes you're on a bike,' he says. 'I would like to be part of ushering in this new era of librarianship that's just a lot more mobile and agile and really responsive to the community and the needs.'"