Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jerky Strips

I came home from work to find these on our kitchen counter: jerky strips.  

I thought I was the dog-lover in our relationship?  But no, I did not buy these.  I am too frugal to buy packaged dog treats.  I feed my furry kids scraps off my own plate, carrot sticks that are getting ready to shrivel, an occasional peanut-butter-filled kong toy, but I've never been one to give them store-bought treats.

And yet, I come home from work and these jerky strips are on our counter.  Huh?  Turns out my husband, the man who claims to not like pets, is the one who bought them.  Randomly.  No doggie birthday.  No trying to train them to do something.  Just because he thinks they'd like them.  My husband, the guy who once broke up with me for a summer when I wanted a commitment and he wanted a pet-free life.  Now he's buying my dogs bacon flavored bits of bliss.  Our dogs, I mean.

William, I do so adore you.  You are the kindest, most generous soul I know.