Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Welcome to Kansas: Home of Bizarro Sherwood Forest

I recently blogged about the disconnect between Governor Sam Brownback's compassionate Christian public persona and his actual governing style.  People can call him "Pastor Sam" all they want, but a governor who treats his poor constituents like Brownback does is ignoring a fundamental truth behind his faith: Jesus loved poor people.

But it's not just Brownback and it's not just Kansas.  Rachel Maddow recently aired a segment about how these bait and switch type of politicians are hurting poor people in other states too.  As Maddow points out in this clip below, "What you do with power says a lot more than what you say about power, even if it isn't always said as loudly."

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Maddow goes on to show us how tax policies like the ones supported by Governor Brownback are going to hurt poor people while simultaneously helping rich people.  Watch this clip below:

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Rachel Maddow: "This is the new republican leadership talking point: 'President Obama is mean!'  And republicans are helpless before his meanness in Washington.  But you know what?  Republicans have complete control of government in twenty four states.  Which is a lot.  And where they do have control, they're not blaming Obama.  Right?  Look at what they're doing in governance.  They're having the rich pay less and they're having the poor pay more.  This is not what they're marketing to the nation, but this is what they're doing when they're handed the reigns of government."

It's like I'm living in Bizarro Sherwood Forest.  Let's rob from the poor to give to the rich!  I don't need a bracelet to remind me that this is not what Jesus would do.  How 'bout you, Pastor Sam?

image source: Wikipedia