Friday, January 11, 2013

Robe Queen

Yesterday after I picked up Katie from school we went to the county health department and finally got our flu shots.  I heard on NPR that's it's not too late.  Each time we had a chance to go last fall Katie was sick, so we had to keep putting it off.  Then I thought it was too late in the season, until I heard the report on NPR.  Better late than never.

Katie complained that she didn't want to get a shot.

"I don't want to get a shot either.  But I'd rather get one little shot that will pinch for like three seconds than get sick with the flu for three weeks.  Would you rather get a shot or get sick again?"  I reasoned.

This child has had three bouts of fever-causing illnesses since September, which caused her to miss her class field trip, the holiday meal, and too many play dates to count.  She immediately replied, "Get a shot!"

So we did, and it was no big deal.  I felt sorry for the nurse.  She looked overworked.  We were two of her last patients for the day, so as we started to leave I said, "I hope you get to go home soon and put on your robe."

She laughed, but I was serious.  I can think of fewer pleasures in life better than the embrace of a good robe.

Katie and I headed to Costco after getting our shots.  As we headed toward the samples, or as I like to call them, the after-school snacks, I saw a display of super-soft robes on sale for ten bucks.

"Oh wait.  Let me see if they have my size," I said, stopping the cart.  "They do!  This is only ten dollars!  Don't you think I need another robe?" I asked my six-year-old shopping companion.

Katie rolled her eyes and said, flatly, "Mom, if you get one more robe you'll be the Robe Queen."

I can think of few honors better than that.

I didn't buy the robe though.  Katie's right.  I already have three, no four, perfectly good robes at home.  I left this one for another person my size who might not be so well-off in the robe department.

But it got me thinking.  You know how vaccine works by giving you just a little bit of the dead virus so your body builds up antibodies to battle it?  I suggest we take a similar approach to illness prevention by upping our national robe-wearing.  What do people do when they get sick?  They put on their robes and get comfy.  I think the healing properties of robes has been overlooked by the medical establishment.  I have barely had a sniffle this season, and I attribute that to my daily robe-wearing habit.  Each time I put on my robe, my body says, "Uh oh.  She's sick again.  Let's build up some antibodies."  But see, by robe-wearing in perfect health, I trick my body into protecting itself from viruses that could actually make me sick.  Just like vaccine.  Try it.

I look forward to the day when we'll all be part of a nation of healthy Robe Queens and Kings.