Friday, January 18, 2013

Jokes and Dominoes

Image source: Wikipedia

While the three of us were playing dominoes at the kitchen table, Katie whipped this joke out of her six-year-old arsenal:

Katie: "Why did you go under there?"
Me: "Under where?"
Katie: "You said UNDERWEAR!"

Her father, also a joke enthusiast, tried this one on Katie:

Will: "Spell mop."
Katie: "M-O-P?"
Will: "Spell cop."
Katie: "C-O-P?"
Will: "Spell top."
Katie: "T-O-P?"
Will: "And what do you do when you get to a green light?"
Katie: "G-O!"
Will, chuckling: "Well, Punkin, I can't trip you up."
Katie: "What's trip you up mean?"
Will: "It means you wouldn't believe how most people think the answer is stop."