Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Good Government

Well, we didn't go over the fiscal cliff.  Doesn't mean our nation is on the right path.  I like this analysis by David Brooks and Gail Collins.  Speaking of David Brooks, not everyone blames congress for our nation's woes, but John Green does, and he sure does it well in the video above.  I especially love how Mr. Green gives a shout out to government for allowing a businessperson and artist such as himself to succeed and thrive:

"Government, Hank!  There's a reason why no popular YouTube adaptation of Pride and Prejudice has emerged from Somalia.  They don't have a government.  They don't have roads to facilitate commerce or public schools to teach kids or investment in telecom to make this happen." - John Green, author, educator, and YouTube entrepreneur

So David Brooks says it's our fault.  John Green calls out Congress for the fiscal funk we're in.  Whose fault is it?

Don't ask me.  I'm sick of it all.  Reality is getting to me and it's high time I immerse myself in some good fiction.  I'm gonna go check out John Green's The Fault in Our Stars from my public library.  It's available for me to borrow for free, because public libraries are yet another example of good government.