Sunday, September 8, 2013

Relaxing Reading Day

It was a hot day.  Too hot for even Katie to want to play outside.  She complained it made her feel tired.  I suspected her fatigue also had to do with the near constant activity she's been involved in since school started back up.  We've been invited to parties for family and friends every weekend of this last month, and it's been a blast, but all the social energy had been drained from our little butterfly.  It was time to wrap herself in our air-conditioned cocoon and enjoy a quiet day at home. 

Physically quite the lazy bones, Katie's brain remained active doing her favorite alone time things.  She watched her favorite Scooby-Doo video.  Twice.  She drew pictures.  She played with her toys.  And she read.  208 pages in one day.  Short stories from a book we own called Disney Friendship Stories. 

Hooray for good stories on a relaxing Sunday at home.