Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pinocchio Comes from Sawdust

I was home for lunch, regaling Katie and Will with my story about cleaning up some patron's vomitus off the carpet at the public library where I work.

Me: "It was the first time in twenty years I got to clean up puke at work!"

Will: "What'd you use to clean it up?"

Me: "You know, that sawdust stuff.  I think it's called Vo-Ban."

Katie: "What's sawdust?"

Will: "It's dust that comes off of wood when you saw it."

Katie: "Did you know that we all come from sawdust?"

Me: "What?  Oh, you mean we all come from stardust?"

Katie, laughing at herself, "Oh, yeah.  We all come from stardust!"

Will: "Well, Pinocchio comes from sawdust."