Monday, October 22, 2012

Wilson Phillips Ear Worm: A Bridesmaids Review

"I hate the fucking Eagles, Man." - The Dude

The Big Lebowski is my favorite movie, so any other movie I watch ultimately gets compared to this Coen Brothers' masterpiece.  I finally got around to watching Bridesmaids last night.  It was great, right up until the stupid ending.  I hate fucking Wilson Phillips, man.  Why'd Judd Apatow and all the creative heads behind Freaks and Geeks that collaborated on this movie ruin it with such a lame-ass Bollywoodesque soft-rockout jam featuring Wilson Fucking Phillips, man?

Ugh.  I felt like this when it was over:

So, although I do recommend watching the movie, because it is laugh out loud funny, especially the character played by the hilarious Melissa McCarthy, if you don't want the song "Hold On" to be your next ear worm, stop the movie before the couple says "I do".