Monday, October 8, 2012

Undecided Voters

Votomatic Voting Machine of the type used in the 2000 election in Florida 

Having trouble making up your mind who to vote for in this year's presidential election?  Are you seriously thinking of voting third party because you think Robamaney is a two-headed beast?  With a twitter account.

Here is a handy tool that shows how Mitt Romney and Barack Obama differ on key issues.   It's from, a neato website run by two guys, Taylor Peck and Nick Boutelier, who are unaffiliated with any political party.  They just happen to be concerned citizens interested in helping others make informed decisions.  As their "about us" section states:

"We are not affiliated with any investors, shareholders, advertisers, political party or interest group."

Democracy by the people!  

Now, if you still want to vote third party or write in The Dude or Zombie George Carlin or what have you, that's fine as long as it's an informed decision.

And one more thing...

Have you checked to make sure you're registered to vote?  If you're not sure, go here and select your state to find out.