Monday, October 22, 2012

Tattooed PTA Mom

My daughter's conservative, suburban school has the coolest PTA mom.  I've seen her a couple times now.  First at the "Breakfast and Books" event, snuggling with her son as they read a book and enjoyed a hot breakfast together.  When we sat next to each other, I mentioned that Katie talks about her son a lot and says he's really cool.  PTA mom responded, "Yes, he is a very special person," smiling so big I could see a flash of the silver piercing in her tongue.  She turned her face to kiss her son's cheek.  I noticed an Eye of Horus tattoo on the side of her head, between her eye and her hairline.  Later, when she turned the other way, I saw she had another one on that side too.

The other night PTA mom was working the concession stand at Movie Night, her tattoos keeping an eye on the crowd, four eyes smiling as she hands out bags of popcorn and candy to cute little kids.  I would not be surprised to one day see her in a sleeveless dress, showing off her I [heart] PTA tattoo on her skinny bicep.  What a wonderful weird community this place I live has become.