Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Trick or Treat's On Me: Candy Pumpkins

Candy Pumpkin.  Image source: Icravepumpkins

Mmm.  Candy pumpkins.  They are so much better than candy corn.  Candy corn gets hard once you open a package and they hit the air.  Candy pumpkins stay chewy and fresh much longer.

I just ate a handful of them.  When Dr. Linda Bacon recommends eating a "variety of real food, primarily plants" in her book Health at Every Size® I suspect she does not categorize candy pumpkins as a health food like I do.  They're orange.  That's beta carotene, right?  I'm eating my colors.  They're pumpkins.  That's a plant, right?  I'm following Dr. Bacon's advice.

I guess the Trick or Treat's on me.  Happy Halloween!