Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lego "Grownup Maker"

Katie is getting into Legos.  Her cousins got her a couple of Lego Friends sets for her birthday.  The ones that come in pink containers.  Overtly marketed to girls.  She got the beauty shop and the cafe.  She adores them.

On the Fourth of July a good friend of mine turned his head my way as we laughed at Katie running away from the street, covering her ears, as her friends went into a lighting-the-fireworks frenzy.  "How did YOU get such a girly girl?"

I have no idea.  But I'm glad she's found something physical to do with her imagination.  

"Look at what I made, Mama!" Katie shouted as she ran down the hall toward me, arms outstretched.

"Oh, cool!  Is that a house?"  I asked.  

"No!"  She laughed.

"Well then what is it?"  

"It's a Grownup Maker," she said, smiling proudly.

"Ah, I see.  What does a Grownup Maker do?"

"A kid steps on it and pushes the button and they become a grownup," she explained.

"Wow, that's a great idea.  What happens when you want to turn back into a child?"  I was having a bad day and couldn't imagine anyone wanting to stay a grownup for too long.

"You just do it again!"

Easy as that.  Check Ebay in a few days to order one for yourself.