Friday, August 31, 2012

John Green Is Most Certainly Not an Asshole

John Green is my hero.

I've been watching his amazing Crash Course World History channel on YouTube from its inception.  I had never been much of a history buff, but Green makes it fun and incredibly interesting.  Will gets home from work late and it's all I can do not to sneak a peek without him when the latest show is uploaded on Thursday evenings.  But I wait for Will to come home.  The pressure mounts.  I shift in my seat.  Finally the dogs begin to bark.  No, not Will.  (The dogs bark at everything.)

Then I hear the front door open and Will's feet running down the stairs.

"Has it been uploaded yet?"  He asks before making it over to give me a kiss hello.

"Yep.  It's ready."

We sit in our comfy chairs and get off on our mutual geekiness.  Some couples watch porn.  Will and I watch John Green.

I didn't intend on this post being about marital foreplay, although what a fun path that was to go down on.  Uh, hum.  This post is about John Green and why he is most certainly not an asshole.

Here's one reason:  What he said today on his Tumblr page in response to Mitt Romney's recent stump speech:

"You know why there aren’t a lot of small online media companies emerging from Somalia these days? Because they don’t have a freaking government. They don’t have bookstores where I could sell books, or roads I could use to get t-shirts to your house. My businesses—like all American businesses—exist because we live in a successful and stable country, which is only successful and stable because for generations, we’ve paid taxes that have allowed us to build an infrastructure and make investments in innovation that allow for increased economic productivity and efficiency."

"Over the years, I’ve encountered a few successful people who believe they did it all themselves and achieved success because they are just better than their fellow human beings. Some were bankers; some were writers; some were lawyers. Some male, some female. Some rich, some not. Some were born into privilege, some weren’t. I guess they’re a pretty diverse crowd. They only have one thing in common, really: They’re all assholes."  -- John Green, American Hero