Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Reek by Katie Carleton, Translated by Becky Carleton

Translator's note:

I found this book Katie made.  She had no assistance from anyone.  It wasn't a school assignment or anything.  Just something she had fun doing on her own while I was at work and Will was no doubt mulching leaves or building a side-driveway or installing a bathtub or some such ceaseless home improvement.

I asked Katie to read the story to me since it's a little difficult to decipher First Gradespeak.  She began by reading the title page, "The Reek by Katie Carleton."  I asked her, "What's a reek?"  She said, "It's a little river with rocks in it."  "Oh, you mean a creek?" I asked.  Without hesitation Katie corrected me, "I call it a reek."

So, may I introduce to you, The Reek by Katie Carleton:

The Reek
by Katie Carleton

The Carletons goed (went) to the park.

For Katie's Mom and Me and Dad
Me and my mom came to a reek (creek).
And then the reek (creek) flooded.
(Katie, the character on the right, is saying "run" in a speech balloon by her mouth.)

Katie and my mom noticed that the reek (creek) flooded.
We ran to the park and then we went home.
The End.